reported that the Oakland Athletics just traded Mark Ellis to the Colorado Rockies for reliefe pitcher Bruce Billings and a player to be named later. The A's will also send cash considerations to the Colorado Rockies.

I'm suprised, bummed, and a little angry about this move. Mark Ellis, one of my 3-year old daughters favorite A's players, was also the longest tenured Oakland Athletic (10th season in Oakland). He might have lost his job to Jemile Weeks but he was a leader in the clubhouse. He could have been an excelent teacher while Weeks is still getting his feet wet in the majors. 

I have never seen Bruce Billings play. I won't comment on his ability. But do the A's really need another pitcher in the minors? It's not the best trade I can think of by any means knowing this team needs offense in the worst of ways. Mark Ellis being visibly shaken by the move just shows how much of a suprise move this was by Billy Beane (who I will comment on in a later post).

The affects of the team by this trade will soon be found out as the A's will take the field against the Florida Marlins in about 10 minutes from the time this blog gets posted. I will have a post game recap after the ballgame.