Somehow, the A's have finished the first two months of the season in first place in the AL West.  Granted, the AL West is the worst division in baseball.  Still, who would have thought at the start of the season that the A's would be winning the division.  Some of the knocks were, "too young," "unproven rotation," "too light-hitting."


One of the problems with the A's of the past was injuries.  The odd thing is injuries have taken its toll on the club once again this season.  Yet, the A's have not let it affect them too much.  They did have a dip midway through May when they saw the likes of Mark Ellis, Brett Anderson, and Kurt Suzuki all make stops on the DL.  There seems to be a resolve about this team that keeps them afloat, despite not being 100 percent healthy.  I think Adam Rosales is one of the guys that is changing the attitude around the clubhouse.  This guy goes full-speed no matter the situation.  He doesn't care if he's the fifth-string backup only playing because of injuries, he's going to go in and take care of business.


The bullpen was supposed to be the strongest part about this club, but lately they've been blowing too many games.  Last night in Boston is a good example of this.  Gio Gonzalez didn't have the best start, but he threw with guts and passion and limited the damage.  In fact, he exited with the lead.  Then the bullpen came in and the game got out of hand.  Even when the a reliever comes in facing a deficit, it is his job to keep the game close and in striking distance.  I know all pitchers will give up runs, but don't let it pile up.  Somebody needs to stop the bleeding before games get out of hand.


Along with improvement from the bullpen, the A's would behoove from a continually improved Rajai Davis.  Rajai had a rough start to the season, but he is starting to return to his 2009 form.  Even with his rough start at the plate, Rajai still managed to still over 20 bases in the first two months.  Good things happen when he gets on base, Rajai needs to be the catalyst.