Kurt Suzuki and the A's decided to wait until the end, again.  This time, the A's didn't need extra innings to beat the Mariners, but they did need another walk-off hit.

Last game, Mark Ellis rapped the game winning hit, but it was Suzuki tonight who was the hero.  Suzuki drove a Mark Lowe fastball high and deep into the Oakland night.  On contact, I thought he had gotten enough to put it in the left field bleachers, but the ball quickly came down.  Even though Milton Bradley had his back to the wall and his glove above his head, the ball miraculously landed auspiciously next to the leather and bounced off the wall onto the grass.  Kevin Kouzmanoff raced home, and for the second consecutive game, the A's dugout poured onto the middle of the field.

Wow.  What a game.  First off, not a bad first outing for Justin Duchscherer.  The fact that he threw 101 injury free pitches after sitting out a whole year due to injuries is a blessing by itself.  Luckily, the A's swung the bat better than the previous two games to keep the A's in the game from Duke's average start.

Is Tyson Ross the new Andrew Bailey?  The kid showed he had the composure needed in a close game.  He even struck out Griffey.  What a first outing for the youngster who threw the ball with electricity tonight.  More importantly, Ross went 2 1/3 to save the rest of the bullpen.

Offensively, it was great to see Rajai Davis keep his hands back and drive a pitch over the wall.  Most of the A's looked comfortable in the box, which bodes well for a league labeled "anemic offense."  I've been impressed thus far in the season by a patient Daric Barton.  The kid may be finally showing fans his worth; the reason Billy Boy has given him chance after chance.

Overall, it was a great night of baseball, especially watching with M's fans.  One more game in the series tomorrow afternoon between Brett Anderson and Doug Fister.  Look for the A's offense to jump over the inexperienced Fister.  I would love to see more of the running game, led by a couple of steals by Davis.

Watch and see, but Anderson will prove he has the best stuff in the rotation.  It might not be tomorrow, but he'll definitely give glimpses at the least.