The Oakland A's start a three game series in less than 45 minutes from now against the AL West division leading Texas Rangers. This already has the works of a big three game weekend series with the hatred A's fans have for the Blue and Red. Tonight's game is going to seem different. A different atmosphere could possibly take place tonight in Oakland. You will probably hear more "Boos" than usual. And for good reason...

Alot of A's get very angry when the fanbase gets bashed openly on a regular basis by the clown of an owner we have in Lew Wolff. The fact that he hasn't tried to put a winner on the field is a great reason why ANY FAN WITH A FAMILY TO SUPPORT won't make the trip to the Coliseum. For years A's ownership has alienated our proud fanbase. When Steve Schott was in charge, Billy Beane pulled an effort to field a winning team with the lack of monetary resorces he had. The term is known across baseball as "Moneyball". It showed with 3 Division titles in 2000, 2002, and 2003. They won the Wild Card in 2001. Steve Schott never cared if he won or lost. While trying to move the team for a majority of his ownership.

Then there is Lew Wolff, who bought the team before the 2006 season. The A's brought in Frank Thomas, who had a comeback type season, the A's ran away with the division title and made it to the ALCS. Life was good for the fans of the Green and Gold. Then Wolff, Billy Beane, and John Fischer, who together are the fourth wealthiest ownership in ALL OF BASEBALL, turned this great team into the team we see today. Attendance has tanked as Lew Wolff and Beane are both on record as blaming the stadium for the teams attendance issues. Oakland fans know the truth! Wolff has been drooling over San Jose since he bought this team!

You think fans want to pay money to watch a team that has no chance of winning because of tightwad owners? I don't think so. I bring up all the attendance and relocation issues for one reason as I scrolled through a couple days ago.

This leads me to C.J. Wilson, the pitcher who will take the hill for Texas in moments. And some of the stupidest, selfish comments I have ever heard. Wilson, after a 4-3 loss to the Seattle Mariners, had some very unkind words about the A's, and the city they play in.

"I hate pitching there. The mound sucks, the fans suck. There's no fans there," Wilson said, free-flowing off a question about the ample foul territory at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. "It's too bad because the fans that are there are really adamant and they're really stoked on the team and they play drums and they wave flags and that's cool. But, you know, some games you go there and there's like 6,000 people there.

"It's kind of sad because it's a major league team and there's guys out there that are obviously pretty good players -- guys like (Trevor) Cahill and Gio Gonzales, obviously they are All-Star pitchers -- and I just wish that the fan base supported them a little bit more."

This is coming from a guy who has an ERA of 8.31 in this ballpark! Knowing the A's grounds crew is one of the best in the game maybe it's the man pitching. If you don't like pitching here, thats fine! We know this because the numbers dont lie! And having an ERA over 6 proves it! But I understand that you don't like pitching here.

The one thing that bothered me a bit was saying the fans suck. The fact you have the nerve to bash a fan base thats been bashed enough shows how big of a douchebag you are! If you even followed the history you would understand that! Maybe you should ask you manager, former A's third base coach Ron Washington, how he felt about Ownership showing him the door so some fat, former New York Yankee nobody named Bob Geren could drive the team I love into the ground! Or the fact Bud Selig put a "Blue Ribbon" committee together almost three years ago to figure out a stadium solution? There's alot of issues with this organization! Most of them are off the field! Other teams have the same issues because of tightwad owners... do thier fans suck too?

The chorus of boos you will recieve will be well deserved! Just like that other clown on the Rangers who threw a chair at a fan! Great to see Texas has a class organization Nolan Ryan can be proud of! C.J. Wilson opened his mouth when he should have kept it shut! It goes the same for Brad Ziegler, who was playing for us when he said his remarks. I've hated Ziegler ever since... What makes you think I'm not going to hate someone in a rivals uniform?


And to you C.J.... in the words of Paul Monney... "know your history"