A good remedy to a little two game losing streak is the Baltimore Orioles.


After dropping two to the Mariners in Seattle, the A's have returned home to take the first three games of a four game series against the Orioles.  Sure, the Orioles are terrible at 1-11.  Sure, the A's needed a walk-off single by Ryan Sweeney today to secure their third straight win.  But it's the way the A's are winning that points to the A's being a solid club, rather than Baltimore being a terrible team.


In the past few years, when the A's have gone on a winning streak, they have had timely hits.  They're the games where you think, "wow this team can HIT."  Why is it a good thing we're not thinking that right now?  Because the team is manufacturing runs.  That's right, MANUFACTURING runs.  Never thought I would say that about the A's.


This whole series against the Orioles, the runs the A's have scored have, for the most part, come from sacrifice fly's and groundouts.  They play baseball the right way.  We all like watching home runs and hit after hit, but there's a beauty to the game when it's played the right way.  String a couple singles together and put the ball in play to plate the runner on third.  Or, lead-off guy gets on and is bunted over and takes third on a groundball to the right side.  Things like this makes a team good because it allows them to score when they are not hitting the ball well.  And, the A's aren't going to be impressing anyone at the plate this year.


But, as long as the A's keep manufacturing runs, the pitching remains strong, and the defense stands solid, the dream of the playoffs remains alive.  Sure, I know we're in April still.  But the fact we're not in last place already is exciting enough for me.


Who knows, maybe we'll still be in first by May.