Its that time of the season folks! With the A's almost dead in the water a lot of rumors come to the surface what seems to have been every year for the last 20 seasons. Billy Beane has been on record saying he will only trade to improve interm-manager Bob Melvin's deck. But we all know Billy Beanewell enough to know weather he is bluffing or not.

These are only rumors but knowing Billy Beane impossible is nothing:

  • The Atlanta Braves are trying to make a serious run at Coco Crisp, this is according to ESPN's Buster Onley (@Buster_ESPN) As of Friday the talks about Crisp slowed down. But now, with Hunter Pence traded to the Phillies, the Braves could use a centerfielder and Crisp would be a great fit in the National League. We will see today if those talks rekindle
  • The Boston Red Sox have been in talks with the A's on a possible Rich Harden/JoshWillingham deal, also according to Onley. Its unclear weather this trade rumor has any legs to it but the way Harden pitched against the Yankees, along with Willingham's weekend in New York, I see why the Red Sox would be interested in such a move. 
  • The Pittsburgh Pirates had shown interest in Willingham, but have now turned they have turned their attention towards Minnesota Twins Jason Kubel.
  • The Texas Rangers have shown interest in Andrew Bailey. Note to Beane, I will hate your guts if you even considered this move! It's bad enough you let Washington walk there! Don't deal the best closer you have had since the Eck! But knowing what Billy Beane has said... that leads me to this...
  • A's GM Billy Beane "believes that two months' more service from the A's pending free agents, plus any potential draft compensation picks for losing them, would be more valuable than the types of proposals he has seen", reported Susan Slussler of the San Francisco Chronicle. 

Said Beane"We've accepted calls on players, but we made it clear we're not going to give these guys away.  We don't have any monetary issues, and we're not looking to dump payroll. If we did anything, it would have to help us significantly moving forward, not some team's prospect No. 37.  In respect for Bob Melvin, we're not going to strip-mine things for two months for players of no consequence."

As of now, Willingham is a Type A free agent, David DeJesus is a B, Crisp, Conor Jackson, and Harden nothing. Arbitration is not a lock for Willingham or DeJesus. With five free agents clearing over $22 Million in space don't be surprised if Billy Beane decides to change his mind and clean house to save $7 Million this year! Its also noted by Sussler that the proposals for Brad Ziegler have been "resonable".

I applaud Billy Beane however, for the stance he has made with the proposals he has received. He has always been known for getting younger. But knowing that some of these trades haven't worked out the last couple years, I'm glad to see he is making a stance of keeping the team together as they have started to click since the All-Star break.

The best thing for Billy Beane is to keep the players he has! If you lose them you can still get draft compensation in which he has been known to draft very well. Trading for low rank prospects is not a great way of running the ship this year. But we won't know anything until the deadline has passed. We will all know tomorrow.